"I thought my life was over"
The heartbreaking story of how one woman became trapped in a wheelchair with excruciating back and sciatica pain 
- and how she got her life back using a little known method that had her walking again in 30 minutes
Nancy thought her life was over. Just as she thought she’d be entering the golden years of retirement and the freedom that goes with it, everything was slipping away.

After teaching high school social studies for 36 years, she was looking forward to life on the open road. Her husband of 47 years, Dave, and her were pinching pennies to buy their dream RV. They’d see the country and visit friends and family along with their two cockapoo dogs, Buddy and Bingo. 

She wanted to walk on the beach during the winter and spend summer hiking in the mountains of Colorado.  She wanted to visit her son in California more often and cuddle her sweet baby granddaughter every chance she got.  

Now that seemed to be distant dream. 

Real life had become a waking nightmare
She first noticed the pain when she tried to put on her shoes one day. 

It felt like someone had electrocuted her. It reverberated through her lower back and down her legs. It was so sudden and severe it made her gasp and brought tears to her eyes. Sure, she’d had back aches before but this, this was excruciating pain that stopped her in her tracks.

It just got worse from there. Soon it got to the point where dressing and bathing herself were agonizing. She couldn’t sleep. She was taking as many 20 Advil a day just to be able to stand upright. The pills were destroying her digestion and doing God-knows what else to her other organs.  

After a while walking became excruciating too
When her doctor suggested she use a wheelchair, she cried all the way home. When Dave brought the wheelchair home, she refused to look at it for days. Finally, she realized it was her only option. 

She’d been independent her entire life. She had dedicated her life to helping others in fact.  She and Dave had raised their son to be a kind, hardworking man. She’d taught young people respect and shared her knowledge with them. And Nancy loved helping those that couldn’t help themselves. She’d volunteer to help the elderly at her church, cooking them meals and helping them clean their homes.

Now, at only 62 years old (still young in her mind) she was the one that needed help. Pushing the chair around hurt her hands and the chair gave her sores on her backside. 

She fell into a deep depression
Nancy felt like a burden to her husband. The future was bleak. "I thought my life was over," she told me.  

They were going to have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, and a van to carry her crippled body along with a wheelchair. That was money she and Dave were hoping to spend on that new RV, maybe someday they could even afford a little condo on the beach closer to family. 

'How could this have happened?' she kept asking herself. She tried to eat healthy, exercise, and follow her doctor’s advice. She did a stretching routine most days, even some pilates and yoga on the weekends. She’d never been in a major accident and had never been seriously injured. But here she was, with a broken and pain-ridden body that had betrayed her.

She went to an orthopedist and knew what the answer would be before she even set foot in his clinic. 
Her options were pills, surgery, 
then months of rehabilitation
She shuddered at the thought of all of them.

The pills scared the daylights out of her. Her close friend’s son had become addicted to opiates after a car accident and soon after became addicted to heroin. Now he was either in jail or rehab and was a constant source of pain and heartbreak for her friend and the family.

As awful as that sounded, surgery was even scarier for Nancy. The surgeon said he thought it had just a ‘good chance’ of working. When Nancy went to research the procedure herself online, she found that only about 40% of patients got permanent relief. 

The thought of the anesthesia, the surgeon cutting into her body, the recovery, the hospital stay, more doctors visits, more pills, MRIs, xrays - all just for a 40% chance of success? It was all too much.

But what choice did she have?

she didn't want to become a shut-in
She didn’t want to become one of those bitter, lonely old women that are housebound for the rest of their lives. A burden to her family, forgotten by society. 

Days spent watching horrible daytime TV, waiting for Meals on Wheels. And nights spent just trying to get a little sleep, but mostly thinking of the life that should have been. How on earth could she help Dave, who had health problems of his own?

Sure, she knew people that got along fine with a wheelchair but she just kept thinking to herself 'There's got to be a better way.'

That’s when a dear friend uttered four words to her that changed everything. This friend had experienced a radical transformation after a biking accident left her riddled with pain. Desperate but skeptical, Nancy had to try something, anything to relieve this agony. 

These four words offered the last glimmer of hope before the surgeons knife.

Those four words? Go see Rick Olderman.
Hi, I'm Rick Olderman, and I help people 
solve their pain issues forever, 
without drugs or surgery
Rick Olderman, PT
I'm a physical therapist.  I've been helping people relieve their pain naturally for 26 years.  

Many people think of physical therapists as someone you see after a serious injury, surgery, or as a last resort. Physical therapists are pretty good at helping those folks.

But I have always wanted to do more.  I wanted to help the folks that were suffering every day, regardless of the cause. 
And in my career I found that most of the pain we feel is not caused by serious injury, genetics or the way our bodies are built.  It's caused by simple movement patterns we all do, but never notice.  And once we identify those movement patterns, I can relieve your pain almost instantly.

That's the beauty of my system. I have a unique method of first identifying what the problem is, and then addressing it with simple exercises, stretches and routines that relieve the pain so quickly my patients leave ecstatic but shocked at just how easy it was.  

I'll dig into those methods in a moment, first let's get back to Nancy's story.
nancy came into my clinic physically and mentally wrecked
When Nancy's husband Dave pushed her wheelchair into my clinic, it was clear she was desperate but skeptical.  She had dark circles under her eyes.  She hadn't been sleeping and I could tell she was depressed.  Who wouldn't be after what she'd been through?

She told me her story.  I listened intently and did my initial evaluation.  I could tell she thought I was crazy.  My questions are unconventional, and she was practically rolling her eyes.

Then, I placed my hand on her shoulder, looked her in the eye and said:

“Nancy, we can fix this.  This pain will soon be gone.

Her fears seemed to fade a little.  I could tell she was starting to believe.  

Then I helped her out of her chair.  We went through a complete evaluation. I watched the way she stood, how she sat.  I helped her walk a little bit. I asked about her life, her history, and how she worked.

Much of Nancy's issues were due to a lifetime spent on her feet in high-heeled shoes.  This creates an unnatural arch in the back.  This arch puts pressure on the lower spine, pooches out the belly, and can cause sciatica and chronic lower back pain.

I had Nancy do a few simple exercises. I showed her how to use her knees while standing to relieve the pressure in her back.  I showed her a couple routines lying down so that she wouldn't make the problem worse.  It was a little painful at first, as nearly everything was for her in those days. 

But after about 30 minutes of strengthening and stretching, I asked her stand up using the techniques I had just shown her. I asked her to pretend like she was picking something up off the floor. She was able to do it, using my methods, without pain.

Then I asked her to walk
This is Nancy today. She happily travels the country with her husband and their dogs in their new RV.  
She hasn't used a wheelchair since the first day she came to me.
Her eyes widened. She looked at Dave, silently asking him 'Can I do this?' Then, she walked across the room slowly. And she did it again. And again. And again. Each time a little faster, a little easier. She wasn't exactly skipping of course but she could move slowly without pain.

The smile grew with each lap around the clinic. She finally walked over to me, took my face in her hands, and with tears of joy in her eyes said: 

"Rick you did it!!! I can walk!"

Nancy came back into my clinic for two more sessions. But she has her 15 minute daily exercise routine down now, and she is diligent about her movements. I haven't seen her in over a year. I call her now and then just to check in.

Now Nancy has her life back.
She hikes mountains, takes fitness classes, and even works in her garden.  She loves playing on the floor with her granddaughter, something that would have been impossible before she came to my clinic.

I have helped thousands of people just like Nancy.  Some had even more severe pain than she did, some far less.  

But I've helped them all with a system I call FIXING YOU®.
i created FIXING YOU® to help people 
just like you and nancy
My methods are unconventional, but that's exactly why they work.  Conventional medicine is failing chronic pain sufferers like you.  The old methods of chiropractic, surgery, drugs, and yoga can only do so much.  

If those methods worked I wouldn't have a business.  And the reason I've seen over 9,853  people over the years is because I see them two or three times, teach them what I know, and I usually never see them again.

Compare that to a doctor, chiropractor, or other physical therapists.  Their whole business is built on repeat business. The typical chiropractor might see 100-200 individuals a year because they have to keep coming back.  When you see a chiro the last thing he says after your first appointment is usually "I need to see every week for 6 months."  

Not at my clinic.  We help people get better and get on with their lives.  

FIXING YOU® has yielded incredible results for my clients
My therapists use FIXING YOU® with every patient at our clinic. We help people with every kind of pain and body issue you can imagine.  It’s a big reason why we are successful where others have failed.
I started my Body in Balance Therapy clinic in Denver 26 years ago. Our business tripled in three years and continues to grow every year. 

I have a waiting list just to get in the door because nearly everyone who comes in tells their friends about it.  I had to stop advertising.

 In fact we're so busy that I conduct seminars to sold-out hotel ballrooms so that I can help more people.

But I’m not bragging, I’m incredibly saddened that other physical therapists don’t use these methods.
My methods are so simple, yet so effective, that I can often help hundreds of people at once.  This back pain seminar was standing room only.  Now I want to help you.
They’re stuck in the past with outdated methods that simply don’t always work.

But this success has had a big downside. I simple cannot help as many people as I'd like.  We're at capacity at my clinic and a waiting list just won't work for people suffering from pain every day.

I decided a few years ago there had to be a better way to help more people...
Now I've created A way for anyone to relieve their pain with my methods
I realized that with my methods I rarely if ever actually placed my hands on my client.  I wasn't doing physical adjustments to my clients like a chiropractor.  I was watching their movements and body alignment.  

I had an 'AHA!' moment one day after I had seen 19 clients in one day.  I was exhausted but happy that I had helped so many people.  But I realized something incredible: I wasn't actually touching most clients, other than shaking their hands when they came in!

So why couldn't I systematize the whole process so they could do it at home?  I really had no choice: I had to either build another clinic, or figure out a way to help more people, faster. So I started writing about my methods and shooting videos with real life clients.

And knowing that we didn't need to actually see our clients, my staff and I started doing Skype sessions with clients around the world.  That's how powerful and simple these techniques are, anyone can do them anywhere.

So you're probably wondering: what exactly is the FIXING YOU® method?

I combined two brilliant but little- known methods to create FIXING YOU®

I use Movement System Impairment, pioneered by Dr. Shirley Sahrmann.  This method looks at how we move, stand, and sit to get clues on how our body creates unnatural stress to muscles, joints and the spine.  This system also looks at the asymmetry we all have in our bodies that is causing us pain.

Once we understand how we move, how our bodies work and how that causes so much of our pain, we can begin to understand how to fix it.

For this I use a method called Hanna Somatics to heal the body.  Hanna incorporates the mind-body connection and allows the brain to reengage the body to relieve pain.  This sounds complex, but in practice it's so simple most of my patients get relief within 20 minutes of our first visit.

My staff and I are the only practitioners in the world who has combined these two methods.  And now I have distilled all my experience into a format anyone, anywhere can benefit from.

You don't have to come to my clinic in Denver to benefit from these techniques, now you can get relief from the comfort of your own home.
But that's enough about me and my methods, let's talk about why no one else has been able to help you.
The 'Pain Industry' has almost no training on how To Truly Fix Your Pain
When’s the last time a 'pain industry' professionals asked how you sit at a desk? Or stand in one place? Or if your hips are tilted? Or how you lift things off the floor? Or looked at the curvature of your lower back? When did someone ask you if you have pain when you lie down a certain way?

Why is that?

Because most practitioners aren’t trained and don’t understand how these things relate to your pain. In the past our medical system has not solved the pain, so they have devised ways to mask it. 

The entire system is designed to break the body into little pieces and assign certain professions to certain body parts. And as you’ve probably discovered, when doctors refer patients to other physicians it’s inevitably to a doctor who is MORE specialized (LESS holistic!).
other professionals break 
your body into little pieces
Western medicine's outdated methods treat your body like a mechanic treats a car.  Not many mechanics would fix tires, oil leaks, transmissions, engine problems and rips in the upholstery, right? 

But that's exactly how our medical system works.

Your back hurts? Go see a back surgeon. How often would that back surgeon ask how you how you move your body? If they diagnosed you with a bulging or herniated disc, how many of them would ask “why is this disc herniated?” Odds are they’ll start with an X-ray, find something that looks amiss, prescribe drugs and schedule surgery.

Their entire training is built around making the patient more comfortable NOW, but rarely addressing what’s causing the discomfort. Almost none of them could take a step back and say ‘Let’s actually see how your body works.’ 

And some of these online videos and books out there try to blame all your troubles on one muscle or one movement.  They're just a hammer looking for a nail.  As you know, your pain is unique to you.  And your solution is unique too.
Everything you've been told about your back pain is wrong
The techniques I've created are holistic at their core.  That means we look at how the entire body works together.  You might feel your issues in your back, but the root cause could be in your knees, your ankles, or even your shoulders.

And my system is designed to address dozens of different pain issues, including:
  • Lower back pain 
  •  Sciatica
  •  Degenerative disks 
  •  Bulging disks 
First of all, what you’ve been told about those back problems is likely 100% wrong. Bulging disks, sciatica, and almost everything else associated with back pain are usually symptoms of a bigger problem. That’s right, all those problems are symptoms, not causes of pain.

After all, has anyone asked WHY you have a bulging disk? Why do you have sciatica? It’s caused by our movement patterns.

That’s why dozens of patients leave my clinic every week pain free, but they might still have degenerative and bulging disks. We address the root cause of that pain and the pain goes away. In most cases, those disks aren’t causing the pain, it’s the forces that are causing those disks to bulge that are causing the pain.

See the difference? And that difference, once you wrap your mind around it, is…
A Massive Breakthrough for
healing all back pain
Through my own experimentation, Dr. Sahrmann’s clinical studies, and Dr. Hanna’s research, the effectiveness of this method has been proven thousands of times. In my clinic I customize the solution to the problem, while many pain practitioners customize the problem to the solution.

We'll train you how to look at the body as a whole and see why your knees might be causing your back pain, or why the way you sit could be causing your sciatica.

And the solutions are not painful stretches or weird yoga poses. As you know many of those techniques are so painful they can either make the pain worse or cause other problems that then have to be addressed too.

My first overriding principle is: first, do no harm. And weird, unnatural yoga positions and extreme stretches can do more harm than good. I find most of patients struggle even getting into those positions, let alone pushing them to the limit as the instructors suggest.
My solutions are, by design:
  • ​Extremely Gentle
  • ​Often Relaxing
  • ​Almost Effortless  
If you have sciatica, BUY THIS PROGRAM!
I've been without those sciatica "zingers" down the back into the legs for about two weeks now. I'm not totally free of pain in the morning, but a few stretches, some ice, and I am pain-free all day. 

WOW! And I thought I was headed for a wheelchair! Being in pain for over a year, I've spent money on doctors, physical therapy, aquatics therapy, exercise videos, pain medication, etc. and was still thinking as the pains shot down the back of my legs, "What am I doing wrong?" 

Rick's inexpensive little program has the list of questions for self-diagnosis, the explanations of the anatomy of possible causes of pain, the clear instructions for easy stretches to alleviate the pain, free accompanying videos  that demonstrate proper self-diagnosis and treatment, and he even answers email questions promptly. 

PRICELESS! Don't go to a surgeon until you try the easy self-treatments in this book! Research shows that surgery may only create new pain. Rick will explain why. Who knew?! 

All I had to do was change the way I sit, stand, walk, and especially rise to standing from a stooping position, and I'm pain free! The techniques in this book should be taught to all physical therapists. Thanks, Rick. You are a hero!

I have my life back! I can go and do whatever I need to - gardening, walking, bending, lifting, etc. without pain! I now know what I was doing wrong all those years before. 

Don't give up - persevere in changing bad movement habits and FIX YOURSELF!
Robert Castaneda, 9/6/17
*Results may vary, not all customers have these results
Introducing: The Fixing You® 
Back Pain Relief System
Now nearly anyone with chronic back pain can:
  • Enjoy their favorite sports again like golf, tennis, cycling and running
  •  Bend over to tie their shoes, put on their socks, and dress themselves without pain
  •  Play on the floor with their kids and grandkids again without that searing pain in their back
  •  Even take up gardening, woodworking, or work on your old cars without worrying about what you’ll feel like for a week afterward
And maybe most importantly you might find your happiness again. I can’t tell you how many people tell me they were depressed and crabby after dealing with so much pain for so long. Most were afraid their pain would never go away. 

With this system you can find your zest for life again. So let’s dive into what this system really is and look at this a little more closely…
part one of FIXING YOU® Back pain 
the assessment
This is where my system really shines over any other system you’ll find online or at a clinic. 

Those other programs you see online pretend that all back pain can be solved by stretching or working on one particular muscle.  But there are dozens of issues that cause back pain and you have to identify the problem before you can begin to fix it.

We’re going to identify, right in the comfort of your own home, just where your back pain originates. 
Usually this can be done with just 3 tests. 

One is to simply look at how you stand.  That's right, how you stand is the source of about 70% of the lower back issues I see in my clinic.

Another has to do with the rotation of your thigh bones. You might feel the pain in your back, but it could originate in your thigh bones because it puts pressure on your hips and lower back.

You can learn how to solve this problem with a couple 5 minute exercises—it’s simple. You just need to know what the problem is first.
This simple standing test could reveal why your back hurts constantly.
Here's a textbook case of pelvic tilt.  This can cause pain throughout the lower back and legs.  I'll show you to fix it with a few easy exercises.
We've covered two of the biggest problems: too much arch in the back and the angle of your thigh bones.

The third test has to do with seeing if one side of your pelvis is higher than the other, and whether one side of your rib cage is lower than the other.

This is a simple test and often is a pattern associated with sciatic pain or SI joint pain, or back pain on one side of the back, or hip pain—there are a whole bunch of aches and pains this problem causes!
No other program or therapist is going to look at these tests or how YOU move, how YOUR body works, and YOUR specific issue. I've included a couple more tests in the package as well in case the three above don't reveal your actual problem.

Then comes the best part: we’ll address how to fix your specific issue.
part two of FIXING YOU® back pain 
The Solution
Next I’ll walk you through the simple and easy fixes to your pain problems. 

Warning: this part is going to shock you. Not because these methods are weird, difficult or painful. Because they are so darned simple.
Most of them involve gentle little exercises or corrections in how you do things you can do almost anywhere, anytime.  And it works because we’re not a ‘hammer looking for a nail’. 

You’ll have lots of different ways to approach your problems:
  • Key Stretches—no difficult, painful stretches here. You will be targeting muscle groups that are proven pain generators. And these gentle, easy stretches will have you pain-free in no time.
  •  Specific Strengthening exercises—there are a few very specific strengthening exercises that most people don’t know that correct major problems. These don’t involve heavy weights or expensive machines, anyone can do these exercises - anywhere.
  •  Taping techniques—sometimes we all need a little extra help and taping is a powerful intervention to get you to change how your body is moving. You’ll be shocked at how a simple piece of tape can relieve pressure and stress in your body, in a matter of minutes.
  •  Identifying and changing bad habits—these are often the roots of most pain. I’ll show you how to first NOTICE what is causing your pain, and then train yourself to change those patterns quickly and easily.
  •  Hanna Somatics movement lessons— I include hours of powerful tension-reducing movement lessons to relax patterns of locked muscles in your body. And I'll show you how to easily distill these lessons down to a few simple movements that help you.
This is one of the relaxing exercises can relieve the strain in your lower back and reduce the curvature of the back in a few weeks
This is just one of the gentle stretches that can relieve thigh bone rotation which is often the cause of lower back pain
This simple stretch can relax the muscles attached to the pelvis and resolve issues related to pelvic tilt
These easy recommendations will ease your pain almost immediately, and your pain should be entirely gone in a few days if you keep them up.

Here’s an example:  

Many people have low back pain due to a tilt in the pelvis. The pelvis gets tilted from sitting in a position that shortens the thigh muscles and tightens the muscles around your waist.  I’ll show you a five minute exercise that can release these muscles, straighten your pelvis and relieve your back pain in a few minutes. 

If you set a routine to do these exercises daily for just a week or two, your pain could disappear forever. And you can come back to it anytime the pain returns. 

Plus I’ll show you the ‘WOW’ method for resolving painful sciatica. 

You’ll identify the problem with the assessment and then be given the proper exercises or movements to deal with that specific problem. No other program can identify your specific issue and guide you through easy exercises to fix them.

That’s the power of the Fixing You®  Program. Then the only thing you’ll have to figure out is what you’re going to do with your flexible, pain-free body.
Here’s the Complete Fixing You® 
back pain Program
Now you're inevitably wondering, so what am I getting with this system?

We’ll start you with the Fixing You®: Back Pain physical book, normally $29.97:
This book runs through my entire therapeutic philosophy, how I developed it and why it works so well.

Then we dive right into the various problems and how to assess whether or not that is the root cause of your problems.  These assessments can be done by seeing how your body moves, flexibility doing certain moves, and measuring differences in you alignment from one side of the body to the other. 

After that you can skip directly to the simple and easy exercises I lay out for each problem at the back of the book. And you can skip around the book as needed.

It’s 176 pages packed with healing information, but you can go directly to the issues you’re experiencing and find solutions quickly and easily.

But that’s not all you’ll get. ..
PLUS: you'll get my complete video series to help you treat your exact problem - free
I realized in writing this book that is was often difficult to explain in writing how to find and fix the root cause of your pain issues. So throughout the Fixing You®: Back Pain book I refer you to FREE the DVD videos where I walk you through each assessment and exercise.

This DVD sells for $24.97 elsewhere, it's FREE with your Fixing You® program.
The Complete Video Guide To The Fixing You program is included with your order!
These videos walk you step by step through my methods. You won’t need any special equipment or machines to do these exercises.  Anyone can do these in the comfort of their own home. I go nice and slow on these videos so you can follow along at your own pace.

It’s all included in your Fixing You® package.

Here's a sample of the 70+ videos I have that address issues from sciatica to bulging discs:
Digital Copies Only
$101.82   $39.97
Most Popular: Digital & Physical Package
$101.82   $39.97
+$9.95 S&H
Physical Copies Only
$101.82   $39.97
+$9.95 S&H
We'll identify if you have a lower back arch problem in your back and then 
this video will help resolve that and relieve your pain
This DVD normally sells for $24.97, 
but it's FREE with your Fixing You® program.
So now you’re curious about what it’s going to cost right? 
Compare The Cost Of This 
Program to The Alternatives
I bet you’ve spent at least $500 in your lifetime at a chiropractor. I have patients that have spent probably closer to $50,000. Does that sound like you? Did they fix your problem?

I guess the answer is no or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

How much have you spent on massage, acupuncture, or weird pain treatments? How much have you spent on dangerous and addictive pain drugs?

What about the lost time with family and friends? Can you put a value on that? How about all the days missed from work because of your pain?

I bet if you added it all up it would be enough to make a down payment on a nice car, maybe more. Even if you’re just paying a copay, that surgery your doctor is recommending will probably cost you thousands. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on something that would bring you joy, like a vacation, a car, or even a new home?

I want this to be affordable for ANYONE. I want anyone who suffers from chronic back pain and other pain in their body to be able to live pain free.So I have set a goal to help 1 MILLION people solve their back pain.

And in order to reach that many people, it has got to be affordable and effective.
You’re Getting $54.94 Worth Of 
back pain solutions with This package
Would you pay $500 to finally resolve that aching back? Would you pay double or triple that? That’s what it would cost to come see me in person.

Most of my patients pay at least $500 to see me for a few visits. And they’re glad to pay it to finally get some relief! But I won’t charge you $500, or even $55 which is what this system would cost if you bought everything separately.

I do need to charge something that is fair for both of us. Remember I have printing costs, shipping costs, and credit card fees to account for. Plus you’re paying for my 20 years of healing experience distilled all into one easy-use system.

But, to keep this affordable, I want to offer a special deal today. 

In order to help as many people as possible, I’m going to offer anyone who orders today 64% off the retail price for everything.

That’s right it’s just $19.97 for the entire system.
Choose Your Preferred FIXING YOU® Package Below
Digital Only Package
$54.94   $29.97
For instant access
Includes the back pain ebook and 
online video streaming
Best Seller!
Physical Copies
+ Digital Package
$54.94   $29.97
+$7.95 S&H
Includes the Back Pain book and the DVD with all the videos physically mailed to you plus free online access
'ok, but does it really work?' 
Just ask my clients:
"I couldn't exercise because I was constantly injuring myself. It was the way I was moving my body.  I just feel like Rick has an incredible understanding of how the body should function.  Now I'm excited, I'm getting healthier and stronger."  - Holly
"I'm 55 and had a lifetime of back pain, including two surgeries. I've been working with Rick Olderman for two years now and I'm 99.9% pain free. I'm able to do everything I want to do, bike riding, golf, sports, playing with my kids. I don't even think about my back anymore." 
 - Bob, Denver
Fast and simple help that works
I've read books by back surgeons and done all their exercises without effect because I was doing as many wrong things as right for my issue.

Two simple stretches done 2-3x a day and watching my posture caused 75% improvement in two weeks (I do keep referring to the book/video since perfect execution is crucial.)

One must make these moves a matter of simple daily maintenance like brushing your teeth, but the results are so helpful it's not really a choice.
If you are suffering from back pain, then I highly recommend this book. 

Rick does a good job making the distinctions between different sources of back pain and then gives stretches and exercises to specifically address each source. I read and re-read parts of the book to better understand what might be the source of my back pain. If you are like me and not very familiar with anatomy, then there are some new words that you need to learn. 

The book has a glossary in back with definitions, so that helps along with re-reading sections of the book. After a short while doing some of the stretches, I have already noticed a reduction in my back pain. This is very encouraging to me. 

In the past, I bought some other books (including "The 7 Minute Back Pain Solution") and I diligently tried to follow the exercises and stretches, but even after a few months of trying it, they did not do much for me. "The 7 Minute Back Pain Solution" book just offers a cookie cutter approach to all back pain and does not distinguish between different sources of the pain and specific ways to address those sources. 

All the stretches and exercises are the same for all situations in that book. Rick's book was much better to help pinpoint specific causes of back pain. I was also encouraged to read in this book that even with structural damage to the spine, it is still possible to reduce or even eliminate back pain. 

I even e-mailed Rick to try to get some suggestions for my specific situation and he responded back promptly with more information to try to help me. I was really impressed! He seems to be a caring person who is sincerely trying to help others who are suffering. I also plan to use his book on hip and knee pain.
*Results may vary, not all customers have these results
Choose Your Preferred FIXING YOU® Package Below
Digital Only Package
$54.94   $29.97
For instant access
Includes the back pain ebook and 
online video streaming
Best Seller!
Physical Copies
+ Digital Package
$54.94   $29.97
+$7.95 S&H
Includes the Back Pain book and the DVD with all the videos physically mailed to you and online access
I'm so confident this program will work for you as it has for thousands of others I will remove all your risk 
I know you've probably tried other programs or treatments with plenty of lofty claims. And if you've made this far, I'm willing to bet those programs have let you down. Maybe they didn't live up to your expectations or just plain didn't work.

I truly believe Fixing You® will work for you as it has for so many of my patients. 

But in case it doesn't, you just don't like it, or for any reason whatsoever you want your money back, I'm going to offer my Ultimate Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are unsatisfied with the Fixing You® program or any reason whatsoever, at any time whatsoever, just let my customer service team know at Barb@HealthyLivingAssociation.org and you'll get your money back. No questions asked.  No return authorizations.  No hassles.  You'll get 100% of you money back any time you wish.

That's how much I believe this will work for you...
Frequently Asked Questions 
Does it really work? 
Yes, absolutely. If you follow the program, I truly believe it will work for you just like it has worked for thousands of my patients.  I have a 3 month wait list for my clinic and I do zero advertising.  All my clients are referrals from happy customers.

How can I get the same results from a book that you get in your clinic? 
This is a great question I get all the time. Oddly enough, I almost never place my hands on my clients.  I might correct a move here or there, but for the most part in my clinic I am giving them verbal instructions.  There are no physical adjustments happening in my clinic like you might see with a chiropractor.  So, yes, you can achieve the same results clients get in my clinic if you follow the program and watch the videos.

If you don't need to come to the clinic and you can get results from the book and DVD, why are people still waiting to get into to see you?
Actually this is the exact reason I created this program.  I thought about opening new clinics, but I realized I don't need to see everyone personally.  With this program you can do everything from the comfort of your home.  And I do give this program who are suffering every day if I cannot get them into my clinic.  Of course there will always be people who want to come to the clinic for the live experience, but more and more we are recommending people simply purchase the book and video.

So what exactly is the FIXING YOU® system?  
My book will start you off with my general philosophy on treating pain.  Then we'll dig into the various back problems I see over and over again in my clinic.  It could be movement patterns or specific alignment problems that many people have.  We'll identify those issues and then give you simple, pain-free exercises that will resolve those problems.  So first diagnosis, then treatment.  All from the comfort of your home.  That's what so many of those online video and books are lacking - diagnosis. They convince you ALL your pain will go away if you treat one muscle group.  I know there are many causes of back problems, and those causes require different techniques to fix them.  I'll show all my tricks in this program.

If the program is so good why are you discounting it?
My main goal with this is to help as many people as possible, not get rich.  Sure I would like some extra income (who wouldn't?), but I have priced this program so that anyone at any income level can afford it and relieve their pain.  I am sickened by so many hucksters and charlatans charging outrageous prices for programs that generally don't do anything.  I want to help people, if I make money it is a nice bonus.

Can I contact you if I have lingering issues?
Yes!  I love getting feedback and helping people with specific issues.  After your purchase I'll give you my personal email address and you can ask me about the program or problems you're having.  I am committed to making this work for you!

Before you decide please consider one thing: Your beliefs
The biggest problem I have in my clinic is not whether or not my system works.  I've proven that thousands of times over the years.

The biggest problem is my clients' belief structure.  It boils down to two intertwined beliefs that my clients have to overcome:

1.  My clients believe they know what is causing their pain.

2.  They don't believe what I do will help them.

Unfortunately my clients are often dead-wrong about what is really causing their pain.  It's not their fault, they've been told these things by doctors and professionals using outdated or just plain wrong information.  As we've discussed, those professionals don't take a 'whole-body' approach and are only looking at one piece of the puzzle.

The second belief really stems from the first.  Of course they don't believe anything will help them because nothing has before!  And yet this belief came from the fact that those same healthcare professionals that misdiagnosed them never truly identified the true cause.  

Can you see the problem with that?
So I ask you one favor: set aside your beliefs about your back pain.  Set aside your preconceived notions about what will work and what won't work. 

Doing the same thing you've done in the past is what got you here right? So trying something new means you have to be willing to do something different.

I want to assure you that when we fix your back pain together, you'll forget all about those previously held beliefs anyway.  So start now, by having an open mind and believing that maybe, just maybe, I can help you.

Please, just give me program an honest try.  I truly believe that we can solve your back pain forever...

P.S.  Ok one more favor :)

When you're back to exercising, playing sports, playing with your family and enjoying life again, please send me a photo of you when you've regained your happy, active life.  This is the one thing that I will miss about not seeing you in my clinic - that smile on your face when you've gotten your life back.

Don't worry I won't publish it, it's just one of the things that make all this worth it.  I get dozens of photos a day, and will cherish yours too.  
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